Hope Anchors The Soul

Hope Anchors The Soul


I saw those words this morning - on a sticker I had bought and put away in my sticker box a long time ago. 

Yes. Hope does anchor the soul, like the mooring of a vessel secures it to the bottom of the sea. 

Hope places and keeps your soul on a solid rock, The Rock. 

Hope makes and maintains your soul strong and courageous, marching forward when all of life seems to be against you. 



The hope that God, the omniscient and all-powerful God, is still and always on His throne - far above all people and things and events in the universe.

The hope that His mercy towards us is new every morning, abundant and eternal. 

The hope that His goodness and lovingkindness and faithfulness towards His people are marvelous, precious and everlasting. 


Why do I concern myself so much with the petty issues and pains of life, when the King and Lord of the universe calls me “Hephzibah” - because He delights in me; when He has promised to love me unconditionally and endlessly, to care for me to the smallest detail, to be with me forever? 


God declares over me: 

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;

therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.”

-Jeremiah 31:3


And these truths that I discovered and rewrote this morning as well: 

“You are not what you do.

You are not what you have.

You are not what people think and feel and say about you.

You are God’s beloved child.

This is your only true identity.”

-adapted from a Bobby Schuller quote


Amen. And AMEN!