On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 24 with Ann Voskamp

On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 24 with Ann Voskamp

Jesus once proclaimed to His disciples: “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.” ~John 14:6

So, the only way forward in this life is JESUS, the Way Himself. 


DAY 23: Today you are on the way when you let go of anythng getting in the way between you and the One Who is the Way Himself.


Letting go, living cruciform, we can feel we are sacrificing in deeply painful ways... a deeply painful giving up, or a laying down, or a going without, or an incomprehensible letting go. 


The Hebrew word for "sacrifice" means "to come nearer, to approach, to move closer in relationship" ("korban").

Sacrifice is not losing something, but moving closer to Someone. 

Sacrifice is not about loss. Sacrifice is about love...

Whenever we let go, we get to love more...

Cruciform is about being formed into love, surrendering to love. 

Sacrifice is about detaching from one thing, to attach to a Greater Thing. 


When you pray a "korban" prayer, this cruciform prayer of sacrifice and surrender, and you let go of more so you get to love more, you are choosing the way you really want most, the way where you let nothing get in the way between you and God.