On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 20 with Ann Voskamp

On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 20 with Ann Voskamp

Jesus once proclaimed to His disciples: “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.” ~John 14:6

So, the only way forward in this life is JESUS, the Way Himself. 


DAY 20: Today you are on the way when the way you are walking has crosses, afflictions, persecutions and self-denial, because that has always been Christ’s way. 


When we commit to picking up our cross and living cruciform - this is when all of life begins to transform. 


What cross is yours right now? To carry for the joy set before you of getting to participate in the sufferings of Christ. 


This is a profoundly counter-cultural way to live. But this is our Father’s world, and in our Father’s world living cruciform is the form of the greatest supernatural power. Where the way of Jesus is never about upward mobility, but always about the way going deeper down, the way of cruciformity and God-intimacy. 


A life of cruciformity looks like a life of “outreach” toward intimacy [with God and other people]. 


At every crossroad the call is to remember the direction of the Way Himself whom we follow - and He always carries a cross, and is going the way of suffering, toward a place of dying. Why do we expect another trajectory when we are following Jesus? 


If we want the Waymaker to make a way, we need to trust that His way always runs through suffering. He has no other way. Not because He doesn’t love us, but exactly because He does. God is love. Thus, only He gets to define love. And He defines love as cross-shaped, cruciform, stretched out, laying down your life into a reaching givenness. 


If the way we are walking doesn’t have crosses, afflictions, persecutions and self-denial, are we on Christ’s way? 


Our way can be wide and self-serving. His way is narrow and self-denying.