On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 3 with Ann Voskamp

On The Way: Being On The Way With Jesus - Day 3 with Ann Voskamp

Jesus once proclaimed to His disciples: “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.” ~John 14:6

So, the only way forward in this life is JESUS, the Way Himself. 


DAY 3: You know you are on the way when you know Jesus is your road through life - and the road is always what you hoped it would be, because He is our only real hope. 

Can you trust that the wave that looks like it will carry you away is the wave that will carry you to shore? Trust that what is coming at you is really God coming for you?

Today, can you trust and obey the One who walks on waves? That He will make a highway out of everything that rises in your way?

Life is a long repentance in His direction… In surrendered trust to the Master, your … heart is remastered, restored… And your joy in His kind soul-safe ways returns, as you now turn your heart to Him… The way is hard. But you can trust. All else can fall away. But in Jesus your soul is forever safe. 

Wayfarer: he gave us Jesus! Jesus! Gave Him up for us all! If we have only one thing in the universe, isn’t this One, Jesus, enough?… How will He not also graciously give us all things in the way that He deems right and best? He’s already given us the incomprehensible: Himself!

It’s only when we expect life to be easy, that it becomes hard. There will be Gethsemanes. But you can trust there will be also far greater GRACE… It’s not the hard roads that slay us. It’s the expectation that this road isn’t what we hope it would be.

All roads lead through suffering, to the place of seeing Him as our only hope and safe home.