Pay Attention To Who You Say God Is

Pay Attention To Who You Say God Is

"Pay attention to who you say God is, because who you say God is determines if you will spend your life in deep joy, or very lost. 

Whoever you say He is, determines the way your life will go. 

Say He is failing at being a good God, and your life ultimately fails to go a good way. 

Say He is a kind God, and your soul flourishes the kind of ways you always hoped."



God is good. And God is kind.

It may not appear to be so - it may not feel so. In fact, it may appear and feel to be quite the opposite. 

But yes: God is always absolutely good and always perfectly kind.

That is His nature - He can not be otherwise. 

The choice is mine:

Will I trust my changeable and unreliable feelings in regards to Him?

Or will I trust Him, a wholly trustworthy and ever-faithful God?