Truths From Past Reflections: God's Will Is Good

Truths From Past Reflections: God's Will Is Good

Wednesday September 21, 2022


I’m still thinking today and all these recent days about the truth that God is good, and about the fact that His will is good as well – good and acceptable and perfect, as Romans 12:2 states.

And then, I discovered this poem that has brought security and rest to my soul.


Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Yes, we do know it – in our heads, we know it. But the problem is our heart – our hearts find it difficult to believe.

When everything in my life is different than I thought or visualized it would be, when everything in my inner and outer world is not what I dreamt and expected it would be – then it is not easy to take this promise by faith, it is not easy to believe and trust that “all things” will work together for “good” for me.

But …the fact that it is hard for me to believe it to be so, does not mean that it is not true.


So, I like this poem: because in new and fresh words it reminds me and confirms to me that “All is well!” in my life when I stand in the center of the circle of the will of God.


[I took this photo a few years ago in Miami. It was a wonderful sunny morning, but then all of a sudden a storm appeared on the horizon, and everything got very dark. As the grey clouds and the heavy rains passed by, I saw sunshine and shade together in the sky and on the water – just like in this poem …]

In the center of the circle

Of the Will of God I stand:

There can come no second causes,

All must come from His dear hand.

All is well! for 'tis my Father

Who my life hath planned.


Shall I pass through waves of sorrow?

Then I know it will be best;

Though I cannot tell the reason,

I can trust, and so am blest.

God is Love, and God is faithful,

So in perfect Peace I rest.


With the shade and with the sunshine,

With the joy and with the pain,

Lord, I trust Thee! both are needed,

Each Thy wayward child to train,

Earthly loss, did we but know it,

Often means our heavenly gain.

(I.G.W. – Streams in the Desert I)


Dear friend: How is your life these days?

Full of sunshine and joy and perfect peace? Relationships and situations all falling nicely into place just as you had envisioned and worked towards?

Or rather, is it filled with shade and pain and waves of sorrow? One thing after another turning out so differently from all you had hoped and strived for? So much confusion, so much struggle, so much agony, so much loss?


Be your life as it may be today, dear friend, remember this: if you are standing in the center of the circle of the will of God – even if you cannot understand and cannot tell the reasons why – everything that comes to you comes from His dear hand, and everything fits into His perfect will for your life.

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” ~Jeremiah 29:11


“All is well!”, my friend.

You can trust God, because He is love.

You can trust Him, because He is good.

You can trust Him, because He is faithful.

You can rest in perfect peace, because what God does and what God allows in your life is always “best”, and will ultimately be for your heavenly gain.


Just make sure that you are standing in the center of the circle of the will of God for you!